Invest and Grow Rich

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Invest and Grow Rich

Achieve Financial Independence with $500 a Month

Sanjay Jaybhay


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Are you stuck in the middle-class trap and want to earn your way out?

Invest and Grow Rich is a factually-based personal finance “boot camp” that offers easy-to-follow concepts that will appeal to those seeking approachable solutions to managing budgets and assets.

All concepts are explained with the example of rental-property investing, but the same thinking can be used for any kind of investment or business. It’s “Money Mastery for the Middle Class.”

Warning: Reading this book and following the advice within can cause a significant improvement in your financial status!

Discover the eleven surprisingly common-sense money concepts followed by millionaires. Start reading now to:

Learn how to compound your net worth: it’s easier than you thinkFind out the common mistakes everyone makes around good and bad debtDiscover new ways to reboot your leveraging skillsLearn the difference between active and passive incomeUnderstand necessities, liabilities, and assetsLearn about four-dimensional investingFigure out how to beat inflationDiscover the one change every millionaire-in-training learns to makeLearn about supersize downsizing

Invest and Grow Rich answers the question: What actions do self-made breadwinners routinely practice? Grab your copy now and start growing rich today!


Sanjay Jaybhay:

Sanjay Jaybhay was born into a financially stable middle-class Indian family, but became the sole breadwinner for his entire family when his father fell ill. He realized that while he had studied all his life to get a well-paying job, he had never learned the simple steps to managing money. After making a series of common financial mistakes, he soon became a self-made finance expert and developed eleven key money concepts that are pivotal to creating financial success.